Ross Shoots Down Rumors of a RAW Return

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Jim Ross posted a statement on his blog regarding recent Internet rumors on him possibly heading back to Raw. Here is what Ross wrote:

I read where many websites are reporting that there is allegedly talk that yours truly may be moving back to Monday Night Raw.

As best I know this is nothing more than a weak rumor. No one from the WWE has mentioned the possibility of this matter to me in any shape, form, or fashion.

If internet sites are getting this info from “WWE insiders” either the “insiders” are fabricating the matter completely or purely speculating. I speak with WWE decision makers somewhat regularly and this issue, actually non-issue, has never been discussed.

I am thoroughly happy with having my “football weekends” off, except for PPV weekends and would be reluctant to leave a more wrestling heavy Smackdown to return to my old address.

Obviously, despite my knee jerk, impulsive response when the draft occured, I am a team player and would accept any broadcasting assignment given me but I honestly don’t see it happening.

Bottom line and in my opinion, it sounds as if some “insider” is spreading BS which is not a first.

I am enjoying working w/ Mick Foley….we do not consider ourselves “the 2nd team” nor do we perceive we work on the “B Show”.

Changes can always be made naturally but this one regarding me returning to Raw seems “highly unlikely”.

Apparently the WWE is taping some SNME bouts in Washington D.C. Later this month and I am told the announcer assignments for that event have yet to be made.

Perhaps some “insider” can expound on that matter as well.

Boomer Sooner!

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