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Preview:Is SmackDown on a highway to Hell?
August 17, 2008

At SummerSlam, Edge faced a returning Undertaker in an epic Hell in a Cell Match. The Rated-R Superstar vowed to show The Deadman the “purest form of hell.” But after one of one of WWE’s most brutal matches, it was the legendary Phenom who sent the Ultimate Opportunist into the great inferno. With Undertaker back on SmackDown, will SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero – or anyone else – be safe from his vengeful scourge?

WWE Champion Triple H reigned supreme over The Great Khali, defying the odds by hitting the Pedigree in his very first match with the Punjabi Giant at SummerSlam. Now, The Game must defend his title in a five-man WWE Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven.

This week on SmackDown, it will be none other than The Great Khali and Jeff Hardy who will compete in an Unforgiven WWE Championship Scramble Qualifying Match for an opportunity to face The King of Kings for his crown. What other SmackDown Superstars might get an opportunity to compete for a chance at the WWE Championship at Unforgiven?

Witness the fallout from SummerSlam on SmackDown on The CW Network at 8/7 CT.

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