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Get the gold or go home!
May 30, 2008

The unbridled excitement on the road to One Night Stand is building to a fever pitch and it all could explode this week on SmackDown.

Last Week, General Manager Vickie Guerrero released yet another firestorm when she announced that at the Extreme pay-per-view, the vacant World Heavyweight Championship would finally be decided in a TLC Match between Undertaker and Edge. However, Guerrero quickly made it personal when she added the startling stipulation that if The Phenom loses, he must leave WWE forever. After Undertaker won a fierce match against Chavo Guerrero later that night – with Edge, Vickie, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, and Bam Neely in tow – how will “the family” react on the doorstep of the One Night Stand? With the World Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance, rest assured that the Ultimate Opportunist and the “love of his life” will have something up their sleeve.

After Shawn Michaels’ controversial win at their last meeting at Backlash, the stage has been set for a brutal Stretcher Match between The Showstopper and Batista at One Night Stand. And, if last week’s VIP Lounge and subsequent match against Montel Vontavious Porter are any indication, HBK is going to be facing a truly irate Animal. After punishing the former United States Champion, MVP, in last week’s grueling match, who will Batista unleash his fury on two days before his pay-per-view moment-of-destiny with HBK? Will Shawn Michaels show up to personally send his own statement? Whatever happens, it is going to be one explosive Friday night.

Deuce & Domino looked to be getting back on track after winning the six-man tag along with their beautiful partner Maryse. The stunning Diva’s participation did not go unnoticed following their separation from Cherry just weeks ago. If the former tag champions can keep their momentum going, they could become a major threat to The Miz & John Morrison’s WWE Tag Team Titles.

Don’t miss all the action on Friday Night SmackDown 8/7 CT only on The CW Network.

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