So we have new Tag Champs

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The road for a US Title match now has been cleared and MVP shows his true colors tonight. Somewhat of a shocker tonight tonight giving the belts to ECW’s own John Morrison and the Miz. Not sure how long this will last with Morrison possibly in the doghouse due to his spat with JBL. Also both these gentleman are in the thick of the title chase and I have a funny feeling the Miz may walk away as ECW champion this weekend. Plus Smack Down has such a great roster of legitimate tag teams, expect this belt to be dropped in the weeks to come.

This clears the way for a title match at Armageddon between MVP and Matt Hardy and lets say its about time. This potential feud has gone on long enough and its time to put it to bed. Not sure which way they will go with the belt as they seem to want to push Matt Hardy. Now he has comes a long way since being Edges whipping boy , but I don’t feel he can even be a second rate champion. sure he has some nice high flying moves, but he lacks the in ring flair of his brother Jeff. His presence is a little flat for me just like his entrance music. It tries to rock like the original Hardy theme but its just a lame attempt , much like a cover band trying to be as good as the originals they can only dream of being. As for MVP, he’s come along way and really is impressing now. Last year at this time I must admit I hated him with a passion. His match at Wrestle Mani changed that quickly. To go into the ring in front of 80 thousand plus against one of the great technically wrestlers of all time and hold your own really impressed me. Plus He really is working his cocky attitude to his advantage. With this feeling of being the best there is on Smack Down he has the potential to be the heel everyone ants to see get his ass kicked, and that will work to his advantage.

Great to see Batista get ramped up tonight for his main event. He put an old fashion ass whipping on Mark Henry and looked like a man possessed and ready to kill the Undertaker Sunday. As I have said in the past this match is a huge turning point fro Batista. If he can go into the cell on Sunday and give a great performance, whether he wins or not, it will go a long way to establish him as one of the main player s of the WWE. while he still needs to work on his promos and out of the ring presence, Batista definitely has the tools as a great in ring presence. This is especially amazing since his only real competition in the past months has been the Great Kali. Not exactly the best man to improve your self on, so kudos to Batista fro taking his chance as champion and running full speed ahead with it.


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