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Another entry from Jim Ross on his Blog- here are the highlights

CM Punk Drinking Beer At Raw XW Show
– When asked about the rumor of CM Punk drinking beer at the RAW XV show: Ah, more rumors… Punk drank no beer at all – and neither did a few others.

Who Played Doink the Clown At XV Show
– On who played Doink the Clown at the XV show: Matt Borne, the original and evil Doink the Clown, was there and he looked great. Matt was a great in-ring performer in his day, without question.

Mick Foley vs. Michael Hayes
– When asked about internet rumors saying Mick Foley and Michael Hayes got into a heated argument at a recent Roundtable taping: I must have missed it and I was there, Paul. I don’t recall anything out of the ordinary, but a little cussing on that show isn’t that unusual. But surely one would not assume that any wrestling website could be wrong or perpetuate a rumor, would they?

Big Show To Return?

– On why Big Show wasn’t at the show: I assume a return for the Big Show is always possible, but I don’t know why he wasn’t at the Anniversary Raw. Perhaps he was simply not available. I saw Show in November in Miami and he looked to be in excellent shape, as he has been preparing for a boxing career that doesn’t seem to have taken off for whatever reasons.

Hulk Hogan’s Reference To Randy Savage

– Backstage reaction to Hogan’s reference to Randy Savage: I never heard it mentioned by any one at the event and have only heard it mentioned in the internet world. Most likely, no one had any significant reaction to it, because it was simply Hogan saying something to get a rise out of folks, like it did you. This answer is to all the other messages I received about this. Subject closed, as it is non-news.


– On the WWE announcers situation: Tazz would then have to be replaced on ECW, but there are some potentially good talkers who might mesh nicely with the talented Joey Styles. As far as who broadcasts the Royal Rumble, I have not heard, nor is it an issue with me who does it. It is the most challenging event of the year to broadcast.

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