Sunday News and Notes: A Sid Comeback? JR’s Blog, Jackass Match a Bad Idea

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Tomorrow night’s Draft is shaping up to be a “must see” WWE TV event, as the fans as well as the wrestlers wait to see what shows they will be on for the forseeable future. Don’t forget the show will be 3 hours, so set your TiVo’s for 8pm to tape the show and not 9pm. Here are some news and notes from around the company with about 24 hours to go before the draft.

* Reports say that a former WWE wrestler is hoping of a possible comeback. Sources say that former WWE and WCW Champ Sid Vicious is thinking wrestling again. Sid is 46 years old, and says he is in very good shape. Of course his prior WWE tenure’s did not always end well, as Sid is known to want a lot of time off, mostly in the summer. A possible role as bodyguard or manager might be better suited for Sid at this point in his life.

* Jim Ross has a new Blog entry up, and a few of the interesting notes has him talking about the King of the Ring, which the company stopped doing a few years, back, as well as any sort of return to TV for former ECW owner Paul Heyman. Here are the two entries on his blog on those items:

“I have not heard anything regarding the reinstating of the King of the Ring one night tourney. Personally, I like tournaments of any kind, as a rule, but I don’t hold out any significant hope that the KOR will return. Nonetheless, I vividly remember handling the play by play for the 1993 KOR in Dayton, Ohio where Bret Hart won it all and then was attacked by Jerry Lawler.”

On Heyman – “I still think it is “highly unlikely” that Paul Heyman returns to the WWE any time soon, but stranger things have happened. Heyman is a talented talker, which there is no overabundance of on TV. If it does happen, I would be surprised, but pleasantly so. However, I’m sticking with my “highly unlikely” answer.”

* The latest WWE SummerSlam plan with the main event built around the cast of “Jackass” is one the front office may want to reconsider. Last Monday’s start with Steve-O backstage didn’t exactly get off to a great start, and there are already plenty of wrestlers and those that work behind the scenes thinking disaster about the whole thing.

Shane McMahon is the one behind the idea, and he likely will have to babysit the project from start to finish. The last time the crew was in WWE they were laid out by Umaga, and you could see Steve-O laughing, which didn’t sit well with the boys or the backstage crew. Steph and HHH are not for the idea of bringing the actors/stuntmen in, and Vince is not sure, but at this point did not say “no.” The recent lack of ratings and what seems to be a downtrend with the company may put more pressure on Vince and the company to allow the act to go on. So far here is the crew that is signed on for the event: Steve O, Chris Pontius, Wee-Man, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, and Preston Lacey.

Why the WWE is willing to go this route is beyond me. They should be focused on the returns of HHH, Ken Kennedy, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Everyone knows the crew of the show “Jackass” cannot be trusted, and the trust they put on these B-list actors could turn one of the biggest PPV events of the year into a nigthmare. Focus on the wrestlers you have, don’t put trust on those that don’t belong in the ring.


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