Taking a Look and Breaking Down the Talent in ECW

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Today we are going to take a look at ECW – where it is and where it was. Also we will give a progress report on the superstars that make up the company’s third brand, and some comments on them as well.

Champion: C.M. Punk – Stock: Going Up – Punk’s long awaited win of the ECW Title finally came two weeks ago, but likely only due to the fact that John Morrison was suspended in the raid on WWE wrestlers. Nevertheless, Punk has long been the best talent in my opinion that ECW has, and I hope that they don’t just move the belt back to Morrison when his suspension is over.

Armando Estrada – Stock: Going up – Estrada came out of nowhere to be named the new GM of ECW a few weeks ago, and appears to be on track to do what he does best – talk. As the manager of Umaga before this role, he was solid, and I expect much of the same as the heel GM of this brand.

Balls Mahoney
– Stock: Slowly going up – Mahoney is in the brands second pushed storyline right now, and that is a love affair with the ditzy Kelly Kelly. He is the Shrek in the storyline, and this past week was a loser to the returning Mike Knox, but gave Kelly a stuffed animal. Look for the monster to get the girl in the end.

Big Daddy V
– Stock: Going WAY up – Talk about a guy going from a no one to a someone. V is on pace for a title program with Punk soon, and since coming to ECW has changed his look, got a manager and looks about as good as ever in the company. Well, if your not counting King Mabel that is.

– Stock: Soon to go down – This worm eater is all about his character, which does not have all that much depth. He is going to be the steppingstone for V next week, and other than that, I can’t see them doing much with him in the future other than being a mid-level jobber.

– Stock: holding steady – One of the three “dancers” that run around with the Miz, I don’t think I have really ever heard her say a word, and that is probably for the best. She does not bring much to the table, and unless they are training her to wrestle, she is just eye candy.

Elijah Burke – Stock: Falling – Burke was a rising star about 7-8 months ago on ECW. As leader of the “New Breed”, he looked like a guy at some point headed for a title. Now he’s lost in the shuffle, a winner one week, a loser the next. He and Punk should have a solid title match Sunday at the PPV though.

John Morrison
– Stock: Low now but could be back – Morrison killed his momentum as ECW champion when he got suspended two weeks ago. The pet project of the company, he was basically handed the title after the Chris Benoit tragedy, and was doing a solid job until the suspension. Now it remains to be seen if he will be given the belt back right away when he’s back in 2-3 weeks.

Kelly Kelly
– Stock: Rising (for some reason) – Kelly has been the top female on ECW from the moment it hit the airwaves, and now with her storyline with Balls, she is on the show about as much as ever. She really needs some acting lessons though, as well as some depth to her character. The company seems to really like her though and will give her time to develop.

Kevin Thorn – Stock: Steady – Thorn seems to be going for that Undertaker look more than ever, but the problem is – he’s Kevin Thorn and not the Undertaker. He had some solid matches with Steven Richards for a few weeks, but was back in the shuffle on Tuesday night, losing in a tag match. I don’t see him ever really getting a major push.

– Stock – Low: – Layla was the diva winner a few years back, but really is nothing more now than a third-wheel in Extreme Expose. I would not be shocked if she is gone within the next year.

Marcus Cor Von – Stock: – Low but could rise: Cor Von, the former Monty Brown, has been gone for awhile dealing with some serious family issues. There is no timetable for his return, but word his he will be welcome back with open arms as he has been a good soldier in the company thus far.

Matt Striker – Stock: Steady – Striker does still wrestle, as he did Tuesday night, but he is now more in the role as manager for Big Daddy V. He is good on the mic, and okay in the ring, and I think down the road he’ll be a very good manager for a number of wrestlers.

Mike Knox – Stock: Creeping up – Knox, who was best known for being Kelly Kelly’s first boyfriend, was sent to OWV, and now is back after his send down. He beat Balls on Tuesday night, and I am sure he’ll get a few wins, but likely will be back to mid-card loser to guys like Punk and other faces.

Nunzio – Stock: Low – Give this cruiser weight credit, he sure can take a beating. He lost to Striker Tuesday night, then got squashed by Big Dadd V. He gives his all when he’s in there, but is basically a jobber with a name.

Stevie Richards – Stock: Rising Fast – The company finally has given Richards a shot, and he is running with it. He has plenty left in him, and even in losses looks better than most guys out there. Richards should be given every chance to be a mid to high level face in the brand, and it seems that is the track he’s currently on.

The Miz – Stock: Rising – With three (soon to be two) ladies by his side, The Miz is getting some play and winning matches week after week. Look for him and Balls to continue their back and forth, and he will continue to get plenty of push by the company.

Tommy Dreamer
– Stock: Steady – Dreamer is ECW, or at least he was. Always ready and willing to do whatever it takes, Dreamer is a solid pro who should be rewarded for being a total company guy. I know from personal experience he is great with the fans as well, and I hope that they keep him around for a long time to come.


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