Teddy Long returns

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So Teddy Long is back and he does it in style with a triple threat match for the World Heavy weight title. Not surprising as it was very clear Edge, Batista and the Undertaker where going to meet at Armageddon. Tonight Batista showed why he is probably the hottest property in the WWE today. It was another great match against Edge and is really selling the upcoming match in 2 weeks in Pittsburgh. He still needs some work on his promos as once again he came across flat in the prematch interview, lacking any real emotion to sell it. Despite this he really makes up for it in the ring. Even Edge looked good for his first major match back. It should be a great match at Armageddon as all 3 competitors are looking solid in the ring and have great history together.

It’s good to see the WWE is keeping up wit the talent share between brands also. This provided some interesting matches and entertaining programs in their run up to Survivor Series. This is continuing and it help the regular broadcasts by keeping them fresh. I really feel this is serving as a preview fro the WWE combining all 3 brands again. This would be great as I have posted before on this subject as it allows for multiple combinations of matches and helps keep things interesting during times of mass injury or suspension. I would not be surprised if we see this unification start to unfold after Mania.

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