The C is For Champ

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The new era of Raw has officially taken over as the new guys have firmly established themselves. Kofi Kingston fired the first short last night by winning the Intercontinental title and they list grew tonight. We have talked throughout this site on how the WWE has reshuffled the deck and tonights start to show let us see what Raw is holding.

It started off normally as Jim Ross gave his farewell speech to the Raw faithfull, but then we started to take a trip down action alley. Edge would have Hawkins and Ryder escort Ross out of the ring so he could make his speech on how weak Raw was after the draft. Well Batista had something to say about that, plus the fact he was screwed out of the title last night by Edge and his family. The results were a Batista bomb that knocked Edge out which would lead to the top story.

CM Punk finally cashed in the Money in the Bank ala Edge last year and made a quick match of a fallen opponent. So now Punk is you new World Heavy Weight champ bring a major belt back to Raw. Of course he would not have to wait to long for a challenge as both JBL and Cena would make pitches for the belt. JBL would use his own personal security team to remove Cena from the building so he could face Punk in the main event. Cena would return in time for the match to take on the security guys with help from Cryme Tyme. Punk would pin JBL most likely setting up a fatal 3 way between Cena, Punk and JBL for the Great American Bash. This angle works best as it brings a heel in JBL into the title mix while keeping crowd favorite Punk and Cena involved in the mix. And as we speculated on this site there is a supposed spinner World Heavy Weight belt in the works and I see it debuting at Summer Slam. Look for Punk’s title rang to be short lived as JBL will win at the Bash to take on Cena.

Mysterio also made a speech tonight to say he was ready for the challenges of Raw but he too was interrupted. Santino Marella came to the ring to run his famously big mouth on how Mysterio is no worthy to be on Raw. This would end in a 619 for Marella and sets up Rey’s first feud. If anything this feud does Marella a favor as he has turned into nothing more than a comedic prop for the show instead of a true wrestler. Going up against someone of Mysterio’s caliber hopefully will keep in in the big picture instead of fading away once the crowd tires of his gimmick.

Kingston kept his title win a DQ win over Jericho tonight. This cheap win, especially since Kingston also attempted a truck pulling pin, furthers Jericho’s beef of being cheated and lied to. We found out it will be Jericho and HBK at the bash, the only question is will Y2J have the title or will Kingston retain. I look for Jericho to find a way to get the belt, possibly with help from Lance Kade. Then look for Kingston and Kade to get into a program to help establish both men on Raw. On a side note this match tonight, though brief, featured plenty of the athletic moves both Jericho and Kingston are know for. Where was this action last night guys?

Jamie Noble tried to make himself look like the big man on campus by taking up his greatness in order to impress Katie Lea. He talked how he was going to challenge the biggest man on the roster. Well Kane just happened to be behind Noble so Jamie gave it his best shot. This ended up with a chase out to the ring and saw it end with a choke slam on the announce table for Noble. He did get a few shots in on the Big Red Machine and a program between these two might actually be fun to watch. Taking on Noble would not be so bad for Kane, especially where he is now in his career. Plus taking on an established star will only help raise Noble’s stock. Davis and Goliath programs can be good with the right guys involved and Noble and Kane fit that bill with their talents.

Our new World Tag chaps gained a big win tonight taking on some jobbers. Again Rhodes did most of the work as DiBiase barely went in the ring. I’m still going to need to see something out of them to see if they have what it takes to make it in the WWE. I like the legends sons’ pairing to take some heat of of the young guys, but it’s what you do in the ring that lets you stick around, not what your fathers did. On possible rematch note I think it would be fantastic if Holly had Gold Dust as his partner in a rematch. I know it won’t happen but I would so love to see it.

And in a match that really was just there for filler, Mickie James beat Jillian. Thats really all I can say for that match because it really meant nothing. Jillian is not even close to being a contender for the Women’s belt and Mickie will have bigger fish to fry between Katie Lea and Beth Phoenix.


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