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Jim Ross is back with another blog update over at Here are some of the wrestling related highlights:

– On the King of the Ring tournament: I don’t see the KOR on PPV but perhaps on regular TV. I like tournaments.

– On Wrestlers in MMA: I think Bobby Lashley has a shot at doing well in MMA if his heart is into it. Shelton Benjamin might surprise some folks. The future of MMA is likely to be the great amateur wrestlers who have striking abilities and are coachable by men like Randy Couture.

– On Angle, Dudleys and Christian back in WWE and TNA’s storylines: Creative is a very subjective issue without fail. Who’s to say that the aforementioned individuals won’t be back in the WWE some day? I can’t guarantee it but I damn sure wouldn’t bet against it no matter what anyone says.

– An update on Howard Finkle: I talked to Fink a few hours ago and he is doing great working in the talent department for the WWE and doing all the grunt work that many others don’t want to do. Fink is a future HOF’er in my book, hopefully at the 25th Wrestlemania. Michael Fluffer, er, Buffer can’t hold a candle to Howard Finkle.

– On Earl Hebner in the WWE Hall of Fame: I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one Joshua. Baby Earl is one helluva referee but unfortunately he did not leave the WWE on the best of terms.

– When he thinks WWE had the strongest roster: The most money was made in the Attitude Era so that would be my suggestion. Austin, Rock, DX, Undertaker, Mankind, etc sold lots of goods and services for the WWE.

– On crazy fans: Alcohol causes many people to become idiots. Fans who get in areas they are not supposed to be in, IE the ring, should be arrested for disorderly conduct and booked at their local jail. I am scared of many things but our fans have never been threatening to me.

– A Chris Harris update: Naturally I hope Harris makes it but until he is in the system it’s anyone’s guess as to how he will do long term. Chris seems to have solid fundamental skills.

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