The Magazine Cover Says it All

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Well, the Chris Jericho WWE magazine cover has made the worst kept secret in wrestling history 100 percent official. Y2J is back. As far as why this thing has leaked, there are plenty of reasons, but the biggest has to be that the WWE felt that Chris would be making his return before this upcoming issue of the magazine would be released. The release date of that magazine is supposed to be Sunday, meaning that if you didn’t know about the return, and were walking around the mall Sunday and saw the magazine, you’d probably do a double take.

My theory is that the company and Jerhico at some point had to decide to delay the return for some reason. It was no secret at No Mercy that early in the night when Vince McMahon was giving Randy Orton the title, that the crowd was chanting for Jerhico, and McMahon told them that they were not getting that tonight. They should have gotten him back on TV the following night, as the cover on this has been so totally blown, Monday is going to be almost a letdown at this point.

This totally reminds me of last summer, when the company for way too long planned the return of Shawn Michaels and HHH getting back together to reform DX. With the internet being what it is, and the sometimes bad job by the company at keeping things hush hush, they should just quit trying to build comebacks and big returns like that of DX and now Jerhico. Just get them back on TV, and if they are surprised, then let them be surprised. The wind is totally out of the sails on this one, and the WWE has no one to blame but themselves.


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