The Million Dollar Night

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Tonight’s Raw was a Million Dollar night on many levels. First we saw the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase introduce his son to the roster then we were treated Mr. McMahon’s big announcement. It was stated as not being a hoax so I guess we will see a million dollars given out each week on Raw. Not sure how this will happen or even if it’s true, but that is what they eluded to tonight. If the WWE is trying to make more noise on the publicity front this is the way to go. No doubt this story will have some rumblings in entertainment circles and if they go through with it, it will attract allot of attention. As if this is not enough we also found out tonight there will be a draft in four weeks. So we should expect the usual roster shuffle which should be taking place on the shows soon.

In the other million dollar news Ted DiBiase interrupted the tag champs celebration by letting Holly and Rhodes know there time as champs was short. He then proceeded to bring out his son, Ted, and let them know he made a deal with Vince to make his son champ. The big question is who will the junior DiBiase team with? It looks like they will try to develop this program at least on Raw. It will pit two legend’s sons in Rhodes and DiBiase so that should be an interesting story line. Using my prognostication power I predict it will be Lance Cade who will team with DiBiase. First he has previous credentials in the tag field. Second you can add the trouble with Trevor Murdoch plot to the mix, especially under the every man has his price tag line. Cade could be paid off to leave his former partner in order to full-fill the dreams of the DiBiase clan.

We did not see Triple H or Randy Orton in action tonight as they are saving their strength for their Last Man Standing match at One Night Stand. Instead we had a press conference setting in which both men were able to spout off on each other. There were some good exchanges focusing in on Orton not fulfilling his potential and Triple H being a backstabber in order to eliminate his rivals. I really enjoyed the chemistry of these two as they both played off each other very well. Triple H for once really looks good as champ and Orton always has been his best when he is the hunter. Their previous Last Man Standing match was fantastic as I expect this one to be. I really don’t see them keeping these two together as the need to put Cena into the picture will take precedence over the summer. Finally Orton is coming into his own, too bad its been six months to late. Hopefully he is not forgotten and brought back into the title picture on Raw or Smack Down.

Would they please make up their mind with the whole HBK, Jericho, Batista love triangle. First we have HBK and Batista this Sunday at One Night Stand. But tonight we saw Jericho want another piece of HBK. The match was great as these two left nothing behind. But it ended in a count out with Jericho putting the Walls on HBK outside of the ring. He proceeded to inflict as much pain as possible and even went for a chair shot. But instead he extended a hand of friendship to HBK after he realized he has gone over the edge in hurting him. They so do not want to make either of these guys a heel so it just drags this story line out and it continues to bore. We know they give great matches, bite the bullet and put together a Intercontinental program for the two.

On the women’s front we got our announcement for One Night Stand of Melina and Beth Phoenix. Beth was ring side for Melina’s match against Jillian and was able to witness the new submission move that Melina may use in their I Quit Match. This may be the beginning of the end of Melina being a heel. I for one will be saddened as her nasty side is what makes the Diva she is. Losing that attitude may ruin her character and just make her another pretty face.

As we always need a tag match with a mix of singles competitors before each pay per view we had Cena and Jeff Hardy up against Umaga and JBL. It was the bad guys who won with a Clothes Line From Hell on Hardy as all the men took to the ring. Not much developed out of this one, but it was still a great match for the fans.

With William Regal being suspended it left Kennedy in limbo, so it looks like he will get involved with the Burchills. They had a bone to pick with Kennedy due to the fact he got their compatriot fired. This can be seen as Paul’s big chance as if he can string some good matches together with Kennedy, there may be some bigger plans for him. Conversely this may be it for Kennedy. They really haven’t pushed him much since he returned from injury last year. He still is loved by the crowd and may need a move back to Smack Down to get some meaningful matches. I still feel he has plenty of potential but leave him as a loud mouth heel. That’s when he is at his best so don’t mess with a good thing.


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