Things to be thankful for

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Tonight on ECW continues the trend of things to be thankful for during this time of the holiday season. Granted the matches may have not been the who’s who of the WWE, but at least it was entertaining. Other than the return of Kevin Thorn, new and improved look and all, against Nunzio, most of the matches were decent given they were on the third brand of the WWE.

I would love to see Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke team up as both men need a little boost in their respective careers at this moment. Yes I know this would break up the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, but who are we kidding. Carlie Haas really has not done much and frankly I can do without him. Put Benjamin together with the Elijah Experience and we may see some momentum gained for their tag team. Burke’s ego alone can carry both men and Benjamin can bring the athletics.

It looks like either Deuce and Domino or Jessie and Festus should be set to take the tag titles from Morrison and the Miz. Let’s hurry this up and put an end to the ever so favorite gimmick of the WWE . They have done the rivals as tag champs so many times, 3 times this year alone, including just recently MVP and Matt Hardy, that it has no weight anymore. Plus we don’t have to strain with the Miz and Morrison’s lame commentary anymore. Guys you and Batista need to enroll in a promo class instructed by Chris Jericho and raise your out of ring presence just a bit. Hopefully this duo is broken up and they can concentrate on a program with CM Punk. This way we don’t have to see Kenny embarrass himself anymore and he can continue his feud with Chuck Palumbo at local house shows near you.

Finally I’m thankful Kane is at least in some kind of meaningful matches. Granted it may only be Big Daddy V with no title involved, but at least its decent competition. Kane has been such a great performer over the years and its sad to see him get stuck against Khali and Mark Henry. These guys may be able to match his size, but the 2 combined don’t match Kane’s talent. Kane may not be as popular as he once was, but his still brings it each night. Look at Wrestle Mania against Khali. It was the first match and one no body cared about, but Kane made Kahli look good, or as good as anybody can with Kahli, and put on a decent match against some week competition. His slam of Khali even evoked memories of 20 years ago in Detriot when Hogan slammed Andre. Yes I know it does not resonate with the same significance, but it was still impressive.


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