Tomko Back with the WWE; But for How Long?

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As noted earlier, Tyson Tomko returned to WWE this past Monday in a dark match before RAW, defeating Paul Burchill. The match was designed to help Tomko look better and get over with the RAW audience. Word is that when Vince McMahon got a good look at Tomko on Monday and what Vince believed to be his poor physical shape, Vince jumped on John Laurinaitis, who was a big proponent of bringing Tomko back to WWE.

A source reports that Tomko may already be done with WWE and may not make it back to the main roster. Tomko was expected to train at Florida Championship Wrestling until WWE was ready for him to come to the main roster. Tomko lives about an hour from FCW’s training facility but only showed up to train a few times.



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