Update on the Leaving of Shane McMahon

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Source: F4W Newsletter

– As of this week, nobody who is talking within WWE has any idea what brought Shane McMahon’s resignation from WWE or what he plans on doing next. People who worked under Shane are said to be shocked and devastated, saying it came completely out of left field. The department that Shane was in charge of always has had great morale and word is that all the good morale plummeted on Friday when the announcement came out. A lot of people were very worried about their future with the company and there was talk that layoffs might be coming.

Shane was flooded with calls over the weekend and he pretty much told everyone the same thing he said in his official statement. It is very likely that the only people who know what is going on are Shane, Vince McMahon and perhaps Linda or Stephanie. Even people who spoke with Triple H had the impression that he didn’t know really what went down.

While Vince had good things to say about Shane’s departure in the release, word within WWE is that Vince went on a complete rampage when the news came out and everyone was doing anything they could to not be seen. The release was issued early Friday morning because they were concerned that the news would leak out and be on other wrestling websites before WWE broke it. Vince’s behavior suggests that Shane might not be leaving to work on his mother’s Senate campaign, which has been speculated. The reports of Vince flipping out may be a bit hyped up because we do know that Shane was in the office on Friday and Monday. Shane will continue working for WWE until January 1st of 2010.

It’s still unknown what Shane plans on doing with his future. There is a lot of speculation that he will jump into the world of promoting MMA and it’s no secret that he’s a huge fan and has had interest before in getting involved. One source close to Shane says he is very intrigued by the TV and film business and could end up there but as noted above, nobody right now knows what’s next for Shane. Shane is playing it smart by not talking about his plans. Most expect that he will be approached with lots of offers in the next few months.

There was a lot of people in WWE who were nervous when the story broke because they saw it as Vince’s son had decided it was time to get out of the family business, for whatever reason. Some are concerned that Shane feels the WWE ship has sailed and is getting out so he doesn’t go down with it.

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