Update on the Return of Mysterio at Unforgiven

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From: WrestleScoop.com

Obviously the decision to bring Rey Mysterio back this soon for the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match at the Unforgiven pay-per-view was a last minute one. Basically, WWE did what they had to do and with Cena’s injury, a lot of booking and storyline direction had to be changed. Rey Mysterio was not in the building on Monday night, which is why they just went with a video on the big screen of him in action instead of a live appearance. Like I said, everything was pretty much last minute.

Rey will probably work limited spots in the Scramble match as he was just able to start fully training again just a little over a week ago. A guy like Rey Mysterio can get back into shape in no time, but he most likely will not be 100% for the Unforgiven match but he will be close. Rey still has a little bit of work to do before getting ready for the match but he has been known to come back strong before.

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