What a Waste of Time

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I feel sorry for those who paid to see the ECW/Smack Down show in Los Angeles. You know ECW will be weak, but Smack Down actually made it look good for once. It was the parade of the horribles as each match failed to strike any interest. There wasn’t even a decent payoff with main event. Yes I know the draft is just weeks away so they really don’t want to develop to many plots, but can we at least see MVP and Matt Hardy. Heat may be dead but its spirit lives on. A break down of the matches only shows how terrible the show was tonight.

It started off OK with the celebration for Edge an the announceement Batista would be in a eight man tag match to earn the right to face Edge at the Night of Champions. Then it went sour. First we saw the Palumbo and Finlay rivalry heat up in a Belfast Brawl. Palumbo still has the Slash hat and Finlay still has Hornswoggle’s comedy. The brawling styles were good but we all know these two are going nowhere. So that’s followed up with every-ones favorite loser in the WWE ,Mark Henry, as he exchanged words with the Big Show. Again Henry has not gone over in all his years in the WWE, please put it to rest. Speaking of those who fail to go over, the next match featured the return of the Great Khali against Deuce and Domino. Khali wins, no one cares. This was followed by the announcement of a Divas title on Smack Down. Natalya won a Golden Dream match against all the Divas on ECW and Smack Down thus being the first contender for it. Do we really need another women’s title. There are only seven women, Michelle McCool, Natalya, Victoria, Candice, Mickie, Melina and Beth Phoenix who can really wrestle, do we need two championships for them. Next on the hit parade was cousin Sal defeating Santino. Yes the match gained some publicity due the Jimmy Kimmel connection, but with the other weak matches that did not help tonights cause. Then Vladimir Kozlov stayed unbeaten taking out Jimmy Wang Yang. This all lead to the grand finale of Edge, Hawkins, Ryder and Chavo against Batista, now wait fro the star studded line up, Nunzio, Funaki and Colin Delaney. Despite the odds Batista won. Very poor television indeed.

The only point of interest was MVP sitting by himself in a luxury suite watching the action. Does this mean we will have involvement with him for the Heavy Weight title. I have liked the past matches with Batista and it would be great to see them in a title program. That would add some fresh ideas to the title picture. But I doubt Batista will walk away with the strap. You know the Undertaker is coming back and there is plenty of unfinished business with Edge. So look for those two to continue into the summer. So we will have to wait and see why MVP was all alone and who he was talking to about the night’s happenings.


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