What the Smack Down Future Holds For……..

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On the dawn of Wrestle Mania, the future for some of Smack Downs roster seems unclear. Since most of you know the results of the last Smack Down I would like to offer my ideas of where the individuals may find themselves after Mania.

Let’s start with Mysterio, who is perhaps the biggest name on Smack Down not getting a chance to headline Mania. He drew the short stick in order to provide us with decent matches against Edge, while Mania main event qualifiers went on during the Rumble and No Way Out. We have seen some good exchanges with Edge and Vickie so will this continue post Mania? It could be possible if Edge drops the belt to the Undertaker at Mania. Also the other possibility would be for him to go to ECW to take on Chavo again and give ECW some credibility, and add some extreme elements with his high flying moves.

It looks like Kane’s days of being a major headliner are done. I find this somewhat sad as I feel Kane can still main event. He may not be champion material but I feel he can still give you great matches. A good move for him also would be ECW. Heck, he’s on the show almost every week. By adding him to the roster it gives you a legitimate title contender and it would be a good reward for all his hard work to give him ECW gold.

I have no idea what Batista will do at Mania and beyond. He really has been pushed to the back and has not really done much. He’s had some good exchanges with MVP, but it looks like Matt Hardy will be back and against MVP. I have throw out the idea of him somehow turning on Mysterio as they have hinted at a good friendship between these two. That way both men could stay on Smack Down and be involved in a major plot not involving titles.

What is going on with Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore. It was only a month ago these guys looks like surefire tag champs, now the look like chumps. They lost again to the Edge Heads, Ryder and Hawkins and have not been doing much lately. Poor move WWE, as Moore and Yang bring excitement to the ring and can resuscitate the dormant tag division. This could also include the aforementioned Edge Heads, Jesse and Festus and just because they are on every week Deuce and Domino.

It should be interesting to see if Chuck Palumbo can turn his new heel status into a major push. Here’s betting it won’t happen. As I have wrote before, no gimmick can save this guy, he is a mid-carder at best. Sorry Chuck, but that’s the truth.

Finally, for the rest of the gents involved in the elimination Chamber match. Most likely the Taker will win and go on to be champ at Mania, this keeping his perfect record in tact. Finlay should find himself against Vince McMahon for custody rights of Hornswoggle as it looks like that is the agreement the 2 had. Hopefully after the Elimination Chamber we will have seen the last of Khali, but I doubt it. Big Daddy V should return to ECW and add another contender to the gold, especially since CM Punk is not for long for the show.


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