What’s the Deal with Atlas Ortiz?

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From: PWPIX.Net

A wrestler by the name of Atlas Ortiz made his WWE television debut on tonight’s edition of ECW on Sci Fi. He is none other than WWE developmental wrestler Atlas DaBone from Florida Championship Wrestling. Atlas started his wrestling training in late 2006, immediately got a WWE contract, debuted in Ohio Valley Wrestling in January 2007, and had been working in developmental ever since. Atlas was billed as one of the most charismatic wrestlers in OVW. In OVW, he would come out to former WWF manager Slick’s old theme music, Jive Soul Bro. Atlas started working some Raw brand house shows in January, but blew out his knee during a match, halting his possible call-up to World Wrestling Entertainment. He returned to action in mid-April, and is now a part of the main roster two and a half months later. Atlas is also a former football player, having spent time in the XFL, the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Arena Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (on the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad during the 1998 season).



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