Will Gimmicks Work

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We all by now know hat happened on Raw so no need for the recap, but let me share some of my views on what transpired. First it would be remiss of me not to comment on the Million Dollar Mania. This would be yet another attempt by the WWE to mimic reality TV in order to boost ratings. Its first try, Tough Enough, in which you could win a WWE contract only lasted a few seasons. and its current Diva search, similar to Top Model, is now relegate to short segments on the network brands. Now we are trying the money giveaway angle and it will follow in the footsteps of its previous brethren. Sure its generating interest now, but once the money is gone then what? How about this novel concept, and I don’t mean to steal our site name hear, but lets wrestle. Isn’t that the reason we tune in. When this company was at its peak in the late 90s and early parts of the 21st century that’s all it needed. You has people tuning into see the Rock and Stone Cold. Yes those two guys were larger than life, but the current roster does not lack great personalities. You have Triple H, John Cena, Edge, the Undertakers to name a few. Focus in on those characters and that should improve the product. Make us care about those in the ring and have us tune in each week to see what they will do and say. The great characters are what made this company break out of the territories that dominated this sport for years, why get away from this wining formula? Do you think the fans really want to see these gimmicks? All we want are heroes to cheer, villains to boo, and decent cards so we can entertain ourselves for a few hours. Doesn’t seem to much to ask for, right?

Well it looks like we could have been wrong on our One Night Stand post match show as Jeff Hardy may find himself in the WWE title picture. He did lose to John Cena in a match to determine who will face Triple H at the Night of Champions, but he may find himself in the pitcure leading up to Summer Slam in order to keep things fresh. you have to figure it will be H and Cena in the main event, but they have kind of rushed this. They may not want to have a bunch of rematches leading up to Summer Slam, so throwing Jeff into the mix would keep in new and exciting.

The question then becomes who does Jericho face for the Intercontinental title. They rekindled the old flame of him and JBL. They are also leaving the door open for a possible turn on HBK. The past two weeks have shown a reluctant Jericho backing away from striking a prone opponent with a chair. Monday the fans booed him pretty bad. Will we see him snap and turn heel. I feel the best program would be with HBK as they are developing a possible friendship, so here would be a person to turn on. Also HBK has taken on the Undertakers role of being pressed into matches in order to give a good show at a pay per view, but not really ever getting a title shot. For this alone he deserves to be in a program with Jericho. Just look at his effort at Mania this year. Yes it was a high profile match due to Rick Flair’s retirement, but what did HBK get out of it. Not much, so reward him with a shot and possible reign with the Intercontinental belt.

Another area I would like to comment on is Mr. Kennedy. They have him now working with Paul Burchill. Is this an indicator of how much the WWE likes Burchill or how much Kennedy has fallen. I feel his time may be running out as they really haven’t pushed him. A year ago he won Money in the Bank but was forced to relinquish due to time off. Since then he really hasn’t done much. And now a program with Burchill only puts him further out of the mix. Hopefully he will move to Smack Down where I feel he would be a great match for Matt Hardy and the US title.


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