Wrestlers of the WWE unite

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I know I’m not raising a topic that hasn’t been debated millions of times since they split the WWE into various brands but given the major improvement over the past weeks of the shows I think it’s time to raise it again. Of course I’m speaking about merging the WWE back into one brand. In order to pump up Survivor Series there has been nonstop cross branding matches on all the programs. This has been great as the shows have not had many matches that were disappointing. Of course it understandable the WWE is going to book as many great matches as they can to pump up the buyer rates for the upcoming pay per view, but it shows what can be done when you are not handcuffed to only a certain pool of talent.

As we saw over these past few month how injuries depleted the rosters, this can be prevented with an unlimited pool of talent. I’m sure there are certain financial considerations that need to be given to the various brands, as Raw most likely commands the most. They can work around this by keeping only the top end of the talent on Raw, like keeping the Champion exclusive to Raw only. And since we are discussing championships we should also go back to a unified champion. This gets around to keeping the champ exclusive. If there is a need to keep both major championships they can designate the WWE title as a secondary championship. This way the WWE champ can appear on the other brands and keep the interest for both Smack Down and ECW.

Of course this leads us to the topic of ECW. As far as I’m concerned they should just scrap it all together as its own separate division. There is nothing extreme about it anymore and its no better than what Heat use to be. The ECW has a few good talented individuals but not enough to demand its own brand. Since they have made contractual obligations for this show they could re brand it like a Heat with maybe some established stars thrown in to keep it interesting.

This combination will only help to keep fan interest as it gives the writers more combinations to work with but also keeps the network package interesting due to more talent available on each show. By having strong network programs the WWE will help improve its product and create more buzz for its pay per views and helps satisfy fans. Currently there have been to many matches on net work that should be reserved for dark matches and house shows. This is insulting to fans who are willing to spend their time watching this programing. Yes I understand the WWE makes its money by saving the best matches for pay per views, but please give us something decent to watch on network TV, and no more Hacksaw Jim Duggen and Super Crazy tag matches.


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