WWE Did Have Interest in Jeff Hardy

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When Jeff Hardy made an on-air return to TNA in concert with news that he had been indicted on drug related charges, many initially assumed that the two were directly related.

Some speculated that because WWE would not want to use a wrestler in the wake of a public indictment, Hardy’s only real option was TNA–any interest he had in the company was amplified.

According to F4WOnline.com, however, the idea that WWE did not want Hardy could not be further from the truth. Sources say WWE officials were in constant contact with Jeff Hardy on January 5 with the hope that he would change his mind and return to WWE.

WWE’s apparent interest in overlooking the PR backlash of bringing Hardy back is being taken by some as an indication that the company is not totally writing TNA off as irrelevant. If the company believed Hardy working for TNA posed absolutely no threat, its willingness to subject the company and Linda McMahon’s political campaign to media heat would simply not have existed.



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