WWE Having Behind the Scenes Creative Issues

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Vince McMahon has had less personal interaction with the creative team in recent weeks. This of course has been greatly frustrating to the team because they are working without an established direction. With the draft coming up, even the writers don’t know who’s going where — it’s that secretive. Additionally, the creative team weren’t told about Undertaker’s absence until the addition of the stipulation the week before. They weren’t given any details on the situation. Vince simply told them to come up with ideas on how to write him out.

— A closed-door meeting was held last week between the road agents and the creative team. We don’t have any details from it, but afterwards, the road agents were said to be down on how much time is devoted to skits on Raw that don’t really build to anything, and that there isn’t enough time devoted to wrestling matches.

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