WWE Hoping Mania 27 Brings in One Million Buys

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WWE is hoping that the addition of The Rock and Snooki to WrestleMania 27 will help them break 1 million pay-per-view buys. They’re also hoping that the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter will help push buys.

WWE Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson told Multi-Channel News this week that the idea was to do more social media promotion for WrestleMania this year, something more than their traditional TV advertising. Wilson said they were trying to bring back former fans with The Rock and new fans with the Snooki storyline.

Wilson talked about fans being able to go to The Rock’s Facebook page for his response to what John Cena did to him on RAW. She said, “That allows us to continue the storyline even after we’re off the air. It’s really a 24-hour engagement that our fans have with the WWE going into WrestleMania.”



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