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Mayweather’s crossover is money

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and advisor Leonard Ellerbe were strolling through a Smith’s Food & Drug grocery store in Las Vegas not long ago. As they were pushing their shopping cart and minding their own business, the well-to-do young African-American men were interrupted by a pair of decidedly middle-class elderly white women.

The women giggled as they asked Mayweather if he would mind posing for a photograph with them.

“We love you on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ” Ellerbe recalls one of the women saying to Mayweather.

As they walked away, a wide grin creased Mayweather’s face. He turned to Ellerbe, his best friend and de facto manager, and shook his head.

“Leonard, now I know I’ve crossed over,” Mayweather said.

He’s arguably the biggest attraction in combat sports. He is part of the best-selling bout in boxing history and his appearance at WrestleMania 24 on Sunday in Orlando, Fla., was such a hit, Ellerbe says, that the wrestling pay-per-view record of 1.25 million is expected to be topped.

In the past year, Mayweather had a prominent role on a hit television series. He was part of a boxing match that sold the unheard-of number of 2.4 million pay-per-view subscriptions. He followed that with sales of 900,000 for his bout with Ricky Hatton, a man who was making his pay-per-view debut in the U.S. and whose American television ratings had been tepid, at best.

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