Money in the Bank, A Wedding Gift?

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As many have speculated, including this site, it looks like we should see CM Punk and Edge going at it for the World Heavyweight title. Smack Down eluded tonight that Punk may use it as soon as Vickie and Edges wedding day on July 11th. This would not surprise me as we all know WWE weddings rarely go well. Most likely Punk would lose as the rumors are indicating the Undertaker back by Summer Slam to face Edge. We have seen Punk and Edge in the past and the matches were good. It would be a shame to start a program quickly only to end it just as fast to go back to a feud we have seen plenty of. Not that Edge and Tacker is bad, but it would be nice to freshen it up by inserting Punk, especially if the matches are solid.

Of course we first have to get through Batista and Edge at the Night of Champions, though Vickie tried her best to stop that. Batista had to win tonight in order to remain the number one contender and keep his career alive in the WWE. It was a bit lame to throw in the retirement stip again. Also the match was terrible as it was against the Great Khali. Why are we going back to giving this guy big time matches. I doubt anyone missed him during his little break, so why must we push him again. The only push this guy deserves is out the door.

Punk would also feel the wrath of Vickie for upsetting Edge with his title threats. This time MVP was called in to teach Punk a lessen. Punk was DQed by mistake after MVP tried to use the Money briefcase to take him out. Punk blocked it but was caught with the case in his hand by the ref who was distracted by MVP’s attempt to remove the turnbuckle pad. This was another great match and this would not be as bad program after Punk cashes in Money in the Bank. This again all depends on the reshuffle of the draft.

Please, please, please WWE do not put Mark Henry with the Big Show. Again let me reiterate, Mark Henry is horrible. He was horrible when he first came into the WWE, he is horrible now and will always be horrible. Admit you made a mistake by signing this guy to a long contract and cut your losses. Stop shoving him down our throats and force good wrestlers having to face him. Big Show has way to much to offer than wasting his time with a stiff like Henry.

Are we supposed to think it will be Finlay and Horswoggle going up against Miz and Morrison for the WWE tag belts at the Night of Champions. That’s what it looks like from tonight. The gauntlet was laid down and there was a singles match between Finlay and Morrison. Again, another solid match as Finlay is always a good worker. It’s good to see them cutting back the horrible slap stick comedy of Hornswoggle, but a legitimate tag match would be terrible. And if it goes down I have that bad feeling in my gut the WWE will give it to the Irish duo as they love making tag champs out of odd couple teams. If they go with this angle it has disaster written all over it.

After the announcement of the WWE Divas championship I felt Michelle McCool would be the first lady to hold this title. But after watching Cherry defeat Maryse tonight I feel she will be the first recipient. They really have been pushing her and each time she is in the ring they display more and more of her wrestling talents. From what we have seen she really isn’t that bad and properly has more to offer.

In other action Matt Hardy has joined the list of those who have beaten Chuck Palumbo. This was a warm up to his match against Chavo at the Nigh of Champions. Also we saw the return of Jesse and Festus with big win over Deuce and Domino. Jesse got a pretty good cut on his forehead from a boot to the dome and there was a bit of a spat between the Dice Clay wannabes. Could this be the end of Deuce and Domino? Does anybody care? Why do I always pose these stupids questions? Who knows and who cares.


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