Snitsky Up Next For Champion Cena

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The booking department of WWE has been putting together plans for summer feuds, and one that looks to be next for champion John Cena is….Snitsky. Yes, the former child murder of Kane and Lita’s child is next on the list for Cena, as the thought behind it is to put Cena up against bigger opponents to make him look like Hulk Hogan did in the 1980’s.

That makes Sunday’s Khali vs Cena match at Judgement Day likely a one-shot deal, or possibly a two-shot deal with a rematch the following night on RAW, where then Snitsky would make a run-in, setting up Cena vs Snitsky at the June PPV – Vengence, which will take place at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

All this is somewhat absurd, as despite Snitsky blowing through guys on ECW the past few months, he suddenly has been popping up with promos on RAW. He is not on the RAW roster, and no mention of him has really been made on the show, even though now it looks as if he will be coming over within the next few weeks.

Look for Gene to get a clean win over RVD in the next week or so (he lost to him by DQ last week on ECW), just to continue his push. Then he will come to RAW for good to start the feud with Cena, leading to the PPV match in June. Of course the bookers want to push bigger guys vs Cena, yet his best two WWE matches of his career were against HBK and HHH, two guys that are close to him in size and not regarded as huge 300+ pound guys.

This leads to an interesting question about the future of ECW and the roster as a whole. With Sabu gone, RVD leaving, undoubtly Sandman and possibly Tommy Dreamer next to be let go, and then Snitsky leaving for RAW, the roster is as weak as ever. There has also been some whispers about Kevin Thorn moving as well, as there was a promo last week with him stating something about ECW “not being in the cards” for him anymore. He may find a spot on SmackDown as a heel in the not so distant future.


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