The Rumble Set Up

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Tonight’s Smack Down emphasized possible rivalries for the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Overall it was a fairly entertaining night, which is a nice change considering the past few weeks have been lack luster. First let’s take a look at the verbal highlights. MVP and Flair again had a good exchange. I really like how Flair complements MVP’s boastfulness, but still puts the youngster in his place. MVP adds to these exchanges with his over the top cockiness. This match should be a big boost for MVP as he gets his chance to take on a true legend. So far MVP has done a great job sparring with Flair verbally. If he can match this in the ring, he will truly elevate himself and be ready for a major title push later this year.

On the other verbal front, Batista laid yet another egg. He came out and stated he last became champ by winning the rumble and to expect that again. That really was all he said. This guy tried so hard this time to add emotion, but he just can’t do it. If he could add this aspect there is no doubt in my mind he could be one of the biggest names on the roster. The fans love this guy, but he is horrible on the mic and just can’t develop any heat for his programs. Unlike MVP, who may see his career rise, Batista may lose all the momentum he has gained over the past months. It does not look like he is in the cards for a big match at Mania, and really hasn’t done much on Smack Down as of late.

The weaken your opponent by placing them in a match featuring a unfair advantage played out tonight with Mysterio taking on Ryder and Hawkins. Mysterio would survive via a DQ due to the Edgealights bringinng a chair to the game. Let me say Ryder and Hawkins impressed tonight. They mixed it up pretty good with Mysterio’s high flying antics. They had a great push when they were the Major Brothers and looked primed to enter into the tag mix. Come on WWE, with these guys and the other strong tag teams on Smack Down, why are we not featuring them more. This would be a great addition to pay per views, thus sparring us from having to suffer through matches featuring Khali or Mark Henry. Also you can take the belts off Miz and Morrison and let those guys develop their solo careers.

Tonight we saw the turn of Chuck Palumbo to evil. He was involved with Jamie Noble and Michelle McCool against Miz, Morrison and Layla. Pulumbo accidentally knocked out McCool when he pushed Jamie Noble into her. This sent him into a berserker like rage in which he beat on Noble and even knocked McCool out again. Good, evil, gay, straight, champ or not I have to agree with the fans tonight. Chuck Palumbo, you suck. Don’t see this angle paying off, but look for Noble and Palumbo to have some exchanges at the Rumble.

The Belfast Brawl featured Finlay laying a good old fashion Irish beat down on Khali. Please let this one end as there is really nothing that can be done to make it interesting. Of course this should carry over to the rumble as Finlay will have to protect Hornswoggle from getting destroyed by Khali. The question is will Hornswoggle turn on Finlay. Vince planted the seed tonight not to trust anyone at the Rumble, not even Finaly. We shall wait and see on this one.

The evil Undertaker is back folks. He showed the true dark side of the Dead Man tonight by choking out Big Daddy V. This move was so vicious V had blood spewing from his mouth. Mark Henry even ran to the ring to check on his fallen comrade and commented to the Taker that he went to far. This match tonight did prove why V should get a decent push. Of all the big men that the WWE has pushed lately, he is the only one who has some talent. Henry has had his chance, and still does not impress, while Kahli just down right stinks. Of course look for V, Henry and the Undertaker to clash during the Rumble.

We even got a look to the future tonight as Edge took on CM Punk. This match was awesome as both men really left nothing in the tank. Lots of good physical action in the ring and great use of moves off the ropes. As I have stated in previous posts look for this to be a major rivalry after Mania. I saying you will see a title match between the two at Summer Slam. It was great to see Punk take on a high caliber opponent and not look out of place. Hopefully this match convinced the powers that be to move him off the death trap know as ECW.


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