A Brawl to Thrill All

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The Belfast Brawl with no doubt entertain fans and give them their fill of blood and violence. Both JBL and Finlay have shown they can thrown down in the past. As Bradshaw, JBL use to distribute many a beating via his role in the APA. And we all know Finlay loves to fight. And this match will deliver on more legendary fist to cuffs.

JBL is the one who started this by brutally throwing Hornswoggle into a steel cage in order to discipline him at the beckoning of his father, Vince McMahon. But the plot took a turn as we found out little Horny was not McMahon’s son, but instead he was Finlay’s. Of course Finlay would want revenge for the injuries incurred by his son at the hands of JBL. This match enables JBL to participate in Mania on his return back to the ring, but I’m not sure what his future holds. I really don’t see many rematches due to this story line getting very old. Maybe JBL will return to Smack Down as there is a serious lack of talent at the mid card level.

As the fan favorite there is no doubt Finlay will get the win, thus getting revenge for Hornswoggle. Again the future for Finlay is also clouded. Will he still stay with Hornswoggle and can the WWE make this angle fresh? Finlay is another solid performer, but I really don’t see any type of title shots for him as there are more talented and popular guys ahead of him. It should be interesting what they have in store for him.


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