A Night of Champions

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Following in the theme vein that all the brands are doing, Smack Down decided to have its Night of Champions featuring matches with all of its title holders. I like the concept as it made a normal TV show worth watching for once. The matches that were planned were also very good. We saw Miz and Morrison defend the tag belts against Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore, A US title rematch between Matt Hardy and MVP and the Undertaker scheduled to face the Great Khali. Of course anything with Khali is lame so there was not much to expect out of that match, but GM Vickie Guerrero would find a way to spice up that up. The two matches that actually did happen were decent and even pay per view worthy, so fans of Smack Down were treated to a decent show for once.

After watching the tag match again, I have to wonder why do we not see these on a pay per view. Your telling me the booking of the WWE felt Big Show and Khali would have been better than Miz, Morrison, Yang and Moore. Every match these guys have is full of excitement as Morrison, Yang and Moore have plenty of high flying, acrobatic moves up their sleeves. And the Miz himself is no slouch and has plenty of decent moves up his sleeves. This rivalry reminds me of the good old days when we saw great matches from the Hardy’s, Christian and Edge, and the Dudley’s. How about a TLC match with these guys at Judgement Day. I’m sure it would be better than the Big Show and Mark Henry.

A bit concerned with having a rematch so soon for the US title. We have seen plenty of Hardy and MVP in the past, and getting back to this feud may be a bit of overkill. The match last night was good as Matt has worked himself back into ring shape, but this story may be getting a bit stale. Yes there was a four month layoff due to Hardy’s injuries, but they had plenty of time facing off together over the summer as tag partners. They need to find a way to make this story fresh to rebuild interest. I really didn’t think it will have much legs left after Judgement Day.

In the ultimate screw job of the night, the Undertaker first had his finishing choke move banned by Vickie, then she stripped him of the title due to the use of this move. This saved us from a match against Khali, who instead was sent to the ring to take the belt from Tacker. Of course he was subjected to the banned finishing move, but not before Hawkins and Ryder were able to slip into the ring and walk off with the belts. I like this story line as it puts a nice twist on the move banning plot device. This now gives the Undertaker more of a reason to face Edge at Judgment Day an helps freshen up their rivalry. You have to figure Vickie will give the belt back to Edge, but as of now the Smack Down page on WWE.com does not have a Heavy Weight Champ listed. I’m sure this will be cleared up by next week. One possibility would be for a tournament perhaps culminating at the next pay per view for the championship final. We just have to wait and see how it all comes together.


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