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Was there any doubt Shawn Michaels mystery partner for his tag match with Jericho and Lance Kade would be none other than Triple H. Any chance the WWE gets to reunite DX you know they will run with it. And for HBK it was in his best interest as he would need Triple H to protect him from the beating he was receiving from his opponents. After clearing Triple H from the ring Kade and Y2J preceded to double team HBK thus forcing a end to the match via DQ. They tried to use a ladder to inflict serious injury upon HBK but Triple H arrived just in time with sledge hammer in hand to put an end to it. Then DX put the whupping on Kade. Of course the trio of Y2J, Triple H and HBK need no push as they are all major superstars, but this match did nothing for Kade. Since his alliance with Jericho he really hasn’t done much other than a few cheap shots on Michaels. They want to push him since his break up with the departed Trevor Murdoch but so far he has done little to establish himself. And serving as DX’s whipping boy really didn’t do much to raise his profile. Hopefully for his sake the WWE has something planned for him soon before he begins to fade into obscurity.

In eight man competition we saw Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and CM Punk face Kane, Manu, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. The beginning of the match was great as all the faces were working in concert to eliminate there rivals from the ring. They used a great display of combination moves and high flying tactics to to accomplish this. After this flurry the match did settle down to a normal pace and saw Kane choke slam Kingston. Due to this win Kane will have Mysterio unmasked if Rey loses at No Mercy.

Further keeping with the tag theme Beth Phoenix and Jillian defeated Kelly Kelly and Candice. The Glamazon would get her revenge by pinning Kelly but you have to give Kelly Kelly credit. Every week she keeps improving her skills and has looked very well matched up against Phoenix. This is an great feat given Phoenix is one of the best female wrestlers out there today. Now if Jillian would take some notes from this match she can be more than the annoying pop star wannabe and have some real value to the company.

Jamie Noble is getting a minor push again as he teamed with Mickie James to take on the Burchills. Noble would make Paul tap out with his arm bar setting the tone to take on William Regal and Layla soon. If we remember Layla left Noble for Regal as he is more classy than Noble can ever be. I’m not sure if this program will be able to vault either man’s career out of the lower end of the card where they find themselves now. Speaking of needing a boost it would appear Paul Burchill may find himself like other male wrestlers who have been teamed with attractive female counterparts. Look for Katie Lea to stick around well after Paul has been released.

Other marches saw Batista make quick work of Santino only to be attacked by JBL after the bell. The Animal would get revenge giving JBL the Batista bomb while Mike Adamle, Randy Orton and JBL were all discussing who is the top dog on Raw. JTG would lose to the Miz as the Cryme Tyme and Miz/Morison rivalry is heating up. I like this pairing but I felt Cryme Tyme still had some unfinished business going up against the champs. Perhaps a program with all three teams is in the works and I would love to see that as they really need to return the tag division to prominence. Tonight also saw Charlie Haas continue his impersonations. He came to the ring tonight as the Great Charli and would get the win over Deuce. If Deuce felt he still was in the WWE’s plans tonight pretty much sealed his doom. When you lose to comedic gimmicks you know your on your way out. But all was not fun and games as the Great Khali showed up and chopped Charli into unconsciousness.


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