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Was this the ECW tonight? I’m not so sure as there was hardly any ECW superstars on the show. Not that this was a bad thing. Other than CM Punk and KellyKelly no other member of ECW was in action tonight. Since Smack Down last Friday there has been a lot of cross branding to promote Survivor Series and let me say it needs to continue. The shows have been fun to watch with great matches filling almost the entire card. But lets save the branding debate for another post and get back to tonight’s action.

In a tag match tonight between the Hardys and MVP/Kennedy there was a interesting ending. MVP actually prevented Kennedy from using a chair on Matt Hardy who was protecting his brother. Can they be turning MVP face as he showed concern for Kennedy’s questionable throw to the floor of Jeff and his protection of Matt? I doubt they would kill the heat between both MVP and Matt as it would be a waste of time to keep both these men as a tag team. It still was an interesting twist throw in at the end of this match and it will be interesting to see if or how they will use this moment of kindness of MVP.

Tonight we also saw CM Punk get attacked once again after his match by both John Morrison and the Miz. They are really building this 3 way title match for Survivor Series up, especially giving the Miz some significant air time. It may be a long shot but I would not be surprised to see the Miz either win on Sunday or take the title in the next month. He had a good match against Punk at Cyber Sunday and they do need to groom someone fro the ECW title as I expect one or both Punk and Morrison to move on to another brand by Wrestle Mania. They already have seem to kill any momentum for Elijah Burke and Big Daddy V so it only seems logical they want to push the Miz. And to be honest I feel he is doing a great job. Maybe he needed to step down a level to develop himself and it is showing. We shall see


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