Friday Update; Last pic taken of Benoit

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Greetings once again wrestling fans. Here we are four days after the tragic end to a family, and tonight things try somehow to get back to normal with SmackDown that was taped on Tuesday before the ECW in which Vince McMahon announced that Chris Benoit’s name would no longer be mentioned on WWE TV. The photo above was the last known photo of Chris, and was obtained by WSB-TV in Goergia. It was taken by a female wrestling fan at Dr.Phil Astin’s office on Friday morning, in what reports say was just hours before he took Nancy’s life.

So much more about the case continues to come out as we speak. They raided Benoit’s doctors office on Thrusday, and then again today, trying to come up with what he may have been prescribing Chris. Word today is that Astin also has dealt with other wrestlers, so there may be a lot more coming of this before it’s all over.

I watched loudmouth Nancy Grace on CNN last night. Man, how annoying is that woman?! It’s funny to me how a reporter like Grace suddenly acts like she knows all about wrestling and gives this attitude that she knows what could make someone like Benoit do what he did. The most interesting part of the show was the interview that they did with Chris Jerhico. Y2J looked great, and I thought he shed some light on things in and out of the ring. The best part was him putting to rest the whole thing that Chris was “demoted’ to ECW, and was to become a coach. Jerhico cleared that up, stating how Chris was to be champ, and in no way was it a demotion.

They also announced today that the person who put the whole thing on Wikipedia about Nancy being dead 12 hours before they found her body admitted that he had no real knowledge about the situation. He had heard about it in a WWE chat room during the PPV, and ran with it. Little did he realize the firestorm that he would create.

As of right now, they company is running their house shows as planned over the weekend in Texas, and then on Monday there is a “Superhow” of RAW, Smackdown and ECW in Dallas. It is kind of I think nice that all three brands will be together, as I would assume that emotions will still be at a tenious state with what took place last Monday.

That is all for now. We’ll of course have more as the weekend continues.


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