Hogan Asked to be Part of the Tribute to the Troops Show?

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Jason Powell reports that Vince McMahon contacted Hulk Hogan within the last two months and requested that he be part of the Tribute to the Troops show in Iraq. However, Hogan turned down the offer for various reasons. The timing of Vince’s request was poor because Hogan’s divorce has been described as a full-time job for him. He is working closely with lawyers and he felt that he couldn’t take the time away to head overseas. He has also heard horror stories about the travel conditions from friends, which may have also factored into his decision.

The buzz is that Dick Ebersol of NBC requested that Hogan be part of the show, which is logical given that they are friends and because Hogan has done big numbers for NBC in the past. Vince has approached Hogan about appearing on past Tribute to the Troops shows, but Hogan has turned him down each time.

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