Interesting Backstage News on Rock and Steve Austin

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There is definitely some friction between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and WWE right now, both with management and some top wrestlers. John Cena touched on the issue during an interview recently published in the UK Sun where he questioned why Rock couldn’t attend more WWE events.

Rock has rejected WWE’s invitations to several events since he left the company for Hollywood, and this doesn’t sit well with Cena, Vince McMahon, Triple H and Steve Austin just to name a few. These guys feel that Rock could domore to payback the company and the fans that helped him become a star.

There are also a number of people within the company who sympathize with Rock’s situation though, as he’s become a hot name in Hollywood and is being advised to distance himself from pro wrestling. Rock makes a ton more money with movies than he could with wrestling, and obviously wants to do what will take care of his family.

In Austin’s case, it’s said that he wishes he was in the physical condition to continue wrestling, so it’s hard for him to understand why a guy like Rock wouldn’t want to do more in wrestling. Austin’s lengthy list of injuries likely won’t allow him to wrestle another full-length match. Rock and Austin haven’t stayed in touch with each other over the last few years and there was reportedly some friction between the two at the Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday night.

Most of Rock’s defenders in WWE say that people are jealous of his success and are just hating on him, but seem to think that the situation with Austin is about much more than jealously. Austin is said to recognize the fact that Rock is doing great with his acting career, and that it could mean more opportunities for more wrestlers in Hollywood.

One source within WWE mentioned Rock returning to the ring at WrestleMania 25, but said that the chances of it happening are far less than 50/50 if for no other reson than his busy filming schedule.

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