Is True Love Really Dead

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That is the question on everyones mind tonight as the WWE’s most favorite glamor couple may be in dire straights. We were all invited to their reception tonight and were able to enjoy in their wedded bliss with a variety of matches to delight the guests. But Triple H was not satisfied with this as he decided to share a special gift with the newly weds. And as we know from past weddings in which Tripel H is involved his gifts are not the best. Tonight he shared a scandalous video that showed Edge making the moves on the wedding planner Alicia Fox. This sent Vickie into a fit of rage and ended with Edge retreating from the ring to avoid her wrath. With these revelations of Edge’s infidelity is this the end of the power couple of Smack Down?

While this was a very special night for Edge and Vickie the same cannot be said for the rest of us viewing at home. To put it kindly this was a horrible Smack Down. The matches were dull to say the least, even the aforementioned payoff of Edge cheating on Vickie took way to long to develop. I would not blamed the fans one bit if they spent the whole show chanting boring as there was nothing exciting about the whole show.

We first saw a very lame match of Finlay and Hornswoggle against Hawkins and Ryder with Edge as ref. This was supposed to stop the Irish duo from using their trick antics and cheating ways. Of course it would be Edge who would cheat to give the win to the Edge Heads. Nothing else to say about this one.

In a punishment match for last weeks beating dished out by the Big show on Edge, we saw Show take on Victor Kozlov, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and the Great Khali. It first took forever for some one to take on Show, but Khali stepped up to bat. Then it ended up with Show cleaning house. By then the match was ended but the others administered a beat down on the Big Show.

Vickie then tossed the bouquet which was caught by Cherry. But before the toss Michelle McCool jumped Natalia and then was escorted out by Hawkins and Ryder. Natalia got her revenge on Cherry who was then pinned after that match by Vickie. Yet again another lame segment.

We got to see the new face version of Kennedy tonight and let me be the first to say, bring back the old cocky loud mouth jerk. The new Kennedy uses lame references to the city they are preforming in to get cheap pops and lame crowd interaction. This new attitude does not fit the Mr. Kennedy persona at all and really does the character discredit. The match with Umanga did not make things better. Usually Umanga is a great guy to give a solid match but not tonight. He failed on three occasions to sell missed moves on Kennedy. Twice he landed well short of his target making it look really bad as Kennedy was no were near danger. The win went to Umanga in this unimpressive performance by both guys.

And since we are on the topic of new images I would be remiss not mentioning Brian Kendricks new look. He now looks like the third member of Wam with a horrible 80s version of John Morison’s look. But wait he has his body guard Ezekial. He got the win against Jimmy Wang Yang who was back from suspension. There was mention of Kendrick reminding people of the old Shawn Michales, but that is really stretching it. Both he and Yang need to go back to tagging as that is were they are their best.

The two decent matches of the night featured Jesse and Festus against the tag champs Miz and Morrison. The champs looked way better tonight than they did on Tuesday on ECW against the Hardy’s . They got the win tonight and the match featured plenty of high flying moves mixed with some decent brawling. Jesse and Festus are a really good tag team and I’m not sure why until recently they were not featured prominently. I can see them being champs some day and hope they still get their chance on TV each week to show their stuff. Yes I know the Festus transformation is getting a bit old, but they are still fun in the ring and have a great variety of moves to pull from. Heck they can use a lame story line to somehow permanently making Festus the raging maniac he is so we don’t have to see the transformation each time.

In a rare treat we saw the Hardy’s take on each other. The match started a bit slow with plenty of arm bars and locking collar and elbow, but once it gained steam the fun began. In no time they started with their high risk maneuvers and really picked up the tempo. It was a shame Edge and his crew had to run into the ring and break up this action by taking out both Hardy’s with spears. This match was one of the few highlights and the fans deserved to see it finish properly.


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