Jericho Says He’s Coming Back to WWE

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Chris Jericho indicated to wrestling fans in a video message that he will be returning to WWE following his run on Dancing with the Stars.

“When I come back to WWE when this show is done, we can continue right where we picked off. You can boo and cheer and yell,” Jericho stated.

Jericho is asking that WWE Universe members pay him back for his many years of entertaining audiences and putting his body on the line by continuing to vote for him on Dancing with the Stars. He says the longer he stays on the program, the better it is for the entire WWE Universe.

“I’m taking this universe into places we haven’t been,” Jericho said. “Twenty-three million people watch Dancing with the Stars every week. The Tonight Show, Rachael Ray, Ellen, all these people are starting to understand what it is that we do as WWE Superstars and why the WWE Universe is so loyal.

“I think it’s very important to remember, it’s not just me I’m representing. I’m a pioneer, an ambassador for WWE on this show. Continue to vote for me.”

Jericho’s next performance takes place Monday. He is among the show’s final eight contestants.



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