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Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry, which you can check out by clicking here. Some highlights from this entry:

– I read where the John Cena-JBL bout for the Bash will now be held, apparently, in a parking lot outside the arena with street fight type rules. These bouts are extremely dangerous not to mention that they have the propensity of taking the live audience out of the mix because the fight is being held in another locale. I remember years ago that Finlay fought William Regal in a similar environment that proved to be entertaining and I wish the same good fortune for Cena and JBL. JBL might be one of the very few wrestlers on the WWE roster that will motivate the fans to boo the transplanted Texas and Mamajuana.com maven more than many fans, especially in the northeast, will boo John Cena. I stand by what I have written before, you pay your money so you should boo or cheer who in the hell you want.

– Speaking of the Bash from the sold out Nassau Coliseum, a great, classic arena for wrestling, I would be shocked to see any thing but HHH vs. Edge for the WWE Title close the show. Yeah, I know that I’m not unbiased, but I would love to call the match that closes the Great American Bash for old times sake not to mention to kick some ass and to massage my massive ego. 🙂

– This week in 1987 Dr. Death Steve Williams won the UWF Title from Big Bubba Rogers aka The Big Bossman. The UWF had 4 champions in its history, Doc, Bubba/Bossman, the One Man Gang, and Freebird Terry Gordy. In this era, in the mid 80’s, one would be hard pressed to find 4 better, badder and more talented big men than the aforementioned individuals. Doc was the toughest wrestlers I ever encountered and with his credentials as being a legit 4 time NCAA wrestling All American it is hard to argue that Steve Williams, who had a bonafide mean steak to go along with his amateur skills, was, at one time, in a club with not that many members. I saw Bossman have some really good matches in the WWE but I honestly feel the late Ray Traylor did his best work in the NWA/UWF. A helluva athletic big man who had natural timing and never seemed to have the same intensity, in my opinion, when he got to the WWE at least on a regular basis. The late Ernie Ladd brought OMG to work for Bill Watts’ Mid South Wrestling which evolved into the UWF. Just prior to coming to the Mid South, Gang was known as “Crusher Broomfield” and the South Carolina native was a legit 6′8″ or so and tipped the Toledos at around 350-400 lbs in his prime. I used to kid Gang behind the scenes and call him the “Biggest Game Cock of ‘Em All” referring to his South Carolina heritage. Gang was a hard working, loyal and talented guy who had a really good sense of humor and who, like yours truly, learned a great deal from General Scandar Akbar. Terry Gordy was simply the best teen age pro wrestler I ever saw in my life and if he did not have to deal with so many of his personally created demons there is no doubt in my mind that Terry Gordy would have been a historic, NWA Champion and even more widely considered as one of the best in ring competitors of all time. For pure work inside the ring, Gordy would have to be in my personal top ten.

– People say that the Florida Championship Wrestling facility located in Tampa on Dale Mabry is a true showplace. When I visited there I was supremely impressed. The group of talents that pass thru these walls should feel very fortunate to be there with the potential opportunities that exist for those that learn their craft and prepare, inside and outside the ring, for success. This is an area that all wrestling fans should pay attention to as this is where many of the superstars of tomorrow are going to be developed. In my opinion there is more pressure on the coaches and administrators of FCW than there is on the individuals that are putting matches together for any major pay per view.

– This week’s wrestling pet peeve: wrestlers who compete while wearing jewelry. This includes those “still on the honeymoon period” newlyweds who tape over their wedding bands. Maybe I have missed it and I could be wrong but I don’t recall seeing any NFL or UFC athletes wearing their wedding bands while doing their work. Bling in the form of necklaces have got to go, too. I remember once having to convince a wrestler not to wear his wristwatch in the ring even though it made his wife happy as the time piece was a gift. As time came to pass it worked out that if he had stopped seeing his mistress that he would have made his wife even happier.

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