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Jim Ross is back with yet another blog update at jrsbarbq.com, this time with thoughts on RAW last night. Some of the highlights:

– Stephanie McMahon will be a significant upgrade over former GM Mike Adamle. Good move for Raw.

– I am intrigued as to the “deal” between JBL and HBK.

– Building focus on the IC title is a good thing, especially if it leads to Champ William Regal, a viable contender, which will help the title and the broadcast.

– Batista’s promo made me feel as if the Animal is losing his patience re: the World Title picture.

– Randy Orton’s relationship w/ young male fans is noticeable. RKO has “it” equating to “presence.”

– John Cena coming through the crowd and genuinely interacting w/ them worked. A more aggressive, more physical Cena should help John in the long haul especially w/ young male fans.

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