Johnny Ace Wants Former Light Heavyweight Champ Back

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Johnny Ace reportedly has expressed interest in bringing back former WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Essa Rios to World Wrestling Entertainment. He is probably best remembered for bringing Amy “Lita” Dumas into WWE because if you recall, she was originally his manager.

Rios was originally brought into the company in 1997. He wrestled TAKA Michinoku at WrestleMania XIV for the Light Heavyweight Championship, but lost. He was later repackaged as Essa Rios, capturing the WWF Light Heavyweight title from Gillberg in his first match under the gimmick in February 2000. Lita was split from Rios to manage the Hardy Boyz. While Lita & The Hardys were taking off, Ríos lapsed into obscurity for the remainder of his WWE career. He wrestled his final match for the organization in August 2001, and parted ways soon after.

Rios made a comeback to the United States in 2004 as part of Team AAA/Mexico for TNA.

Rios currently wrestles as a masked wrestler under the name Mr. Aguila in the CMLL promotion in Mexico.

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