Kings are Crowned

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Tonight we saw both the Kings of Raw establish themselves. The King of Kings, Triple H made his presence felt as the new WWE champ and William Regal let all know his reign of terror has begun as King of the Ring. And both did it in dramatic fashion and their reigns became linked. First Regal had his coronation by announcing he will be both King and GM. His speech would be cut short as Mr. Kennedy would bring his own style of speech to the ring. Regal would be upset at this outburst and fists would fly between the two. This looks like the new feud and I like were its going. Kennedy’s brashness will play off nicely with Regal’s pompousness. Kennedy will be a great foil to Regals reign and this one should be fun.

Due to this outrage Regal would make sure we would not see the end of the Triple H a and Orton title rematch. Great job all round on this one WWE. First the match itself was a good 20 minute match that more than made up for the dull pay per view last night. And by leaving the result up in the air for those watching at home only solidifies Regal as the evil ruler he will be. It should be interesting to see how all this plays out. Who else will Regal torment as King/GM? And how will the Triple H and Orton angle play out over the next few weeks? You have to figure they will meet at Judgment day, but if tonight was the rematch how will they keep the momentum fresh going into the event?

We also found out tonight JBL is gunning for Cena in order to get a title shot. My question on this is why? I know JBL was once a former champ but let’s face it he is shell of what he once was. First he is still out of shape and is far behind the top talent on Raw. You have to figure any of the following are more deserving than JBL. Any of Kennedy, HBK, Umaga and Jericho should get a title shot before we get to even think of JBL. Heck I would move Batista of Edge over to Raw before I would think of placing JBL into the title picture. Not exactly the way to send Cena off before he does his filming.

After tonight tag team displays does anyone else feel like I do? Why was there no tag match at Backlash? Your telling me a Diva’s multi tag match and Big Show/Khali was better booking than either the WWE or World Heavy Weight titles up for grabs. Watching Kade and Murdoch up against London and Kendrick and the singles match of Rhodes/Marella makes me wonder why these tag teams take a back seat to Khali, Mark Henry and Finlay with Hornswoggle? Come on WWE, let the tag teams show what they have on the big stage and give us a pay per view card that is good top to bottom.

In other news it looks like Jericho and HBK should be gearing up for some sparks. Jericho tonight questioned HBK’s knee injury. The footage looks like he really did hurt himself at Backlash, but he showed up tonight sans crutches or knee brace. I think this leaves us hanging on whether HBK is faking or if they are waiting for him to heal so he can take on Jericho. Tonight they did not tangle, which plays to the injury, but one never really knows. But these two going up against each other for the Intercontinental title, yes folks they do defend it once in awhile, would be a good display of two dynamic wrestlers.

Tonight no doubt established some god story lines on Raw and gives a sigh of relief over what has been some duds lately on TV. Backlash only furthered this by delivering some stale matches. I feel what they are setting up should make for some good matches leading us into the summer. Orton did great tonight as a ex-champ determined on regaining his crown. I really don’t think many will argue with Triple H as champ, except maybe Cena fans, and that only heats thing up for potential main event at Summer Slam. Jericho/HBK has classic matches written all over it. I liked the crowing of Regal as King of the ring and Kennedy is the prefect foil for his reign. And the tag division look to be in good hands. It should be good times ahead for Raw, let’s hope the WWE doesn’t drop the ball.


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