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Jim Ross has updated his blog with some thoughts on the Draft, his move to SmackDown, and his blog last week

Ross on his move to Smackdown: “Of course, the Annual WWE Draft spawned several sensational, Internet stories and conspiracy theories about why people were drafted to particular brands, etc. I have read that I knew that I was leaving Monday Night Raw prior to the draft. Wrong. I had no clue as to the move….had no travel booked to go to Houston, including no hotel room there booked prior to Tuesday nor did I take an extra suit to wear Tuesday night as I thought I was coming home, as usual. Thanks to Southwest Airlines I made it to Houston by the middle of the afternoon and then had to go purchase a new suit.”

His blog last week:
“My “angry blog” earlier this week was admittedly ill advised, but it was honest on my end, even though I broke one of my own cardinal rules of writing, never write when angry. That’s not advisable for anyone who writes for public consumption. I tend to look at thingsun-objectively when I’m P.O.’ed and the result is usually a “poor me” piece of business. I hear that some folks within the WWE were all over this particular “angry blog” and wanted to make sure that the heavy hitters in the company were aware of my “ire”. Of course, many of these sycophants acquit themselves by saying, “I’m just doing my job.” Right.”

His First Smackdown Broadcast: “My first Smackdown experience with Mick Foley was well received internally and I thought it showed that we have the potential to be an entertaining team. We will work diligently to get better each week. Much like The King and I, Mick and I are great friends with a great deal of mutual respect which is not in long supply in this business. With that foundation to build upon, there is no reason that we can’t evolve along with the Smackdown brand itself which as anyone can see has a viable, new roster with many fresh faces and a much higher corporate priority than it ever has.”

Raw this week: “Monday night I absolutely plan on attending the OKC Raw as how could it be an OKC Raw without me getting my ass kicked in some shape form or fashion? Seriously, this is a major event for my home market and one that I am supporting as tirelessly as possible especially considering that the ticket header says “The WWE and J.R.’s Family BBQ present Monday Night Raw”. I have a ticket but please don’t ask me for any comps as I am fresh out….wow I did not realize I had so many friends. As a matter of fact the Monday Night Raw Superstars and crew will enjoy catering from J.R.’s Family BBQ on Monday and many Smackdown folks are planning on stopping by our original store Monday which is at exit 109 at I-35 and Main in Norman.”

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