Orton Again Shows His Short Fuse

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source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Another incident involving Randy Orton took place during WWE’s recent tour of Europe. In Coruna, Spain (WWE held a Raw brand house show there on Friday, April 18), hotel staff woke him up earlier then he wanted to be woken up. He was upset to say the least. Orton put his clothes on and went downstairs. Then, the former WWE Champion took his room service food and hucked it at the workers who dared to open his door. Orton then went back to his room laughing.

In a recent interview with the Baltimore Sun, Orton talked about changing his bad boy ways because he will be a father in July as his wife Samantha is expecting their first child. Orton said, “I definitely had a big head, and I’ll be the first to admit that I made some bad decisions,. But back when I was making those decisions, in my head I was doing no wrong. I was forced, more or less, to go to anger management. I was either going to make myself and everyone around me miserable, or I was going to realize that there’s more than one person on this Earth. It definitely has made me a better person… I think I let a few people down when I was having my problems. I heard, ‘Randy, pull your head out of your [butt]’ a few times from Vince [McMahon, WWE chairman]. I think I finally have, and I think that’s why I’m successful right now. I’m where I’m at because I’m happy.”



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