Orton Sent Home From Europe

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In some distrubing news on the WWE’s current tour of Eurpoe, it is being reported that main event star Randy Orton has been sent home. At first, Orton was reported being sick with the stomach flu, but now websites are reporting that Orton was sent home for trashing a hotel room.

This is not the first incident with Orton, who was suspended in the past for, among other things, smoking pot backstage, and also being disrespectful to the WWE Diva’s. Orton had admitted his mistakes in the past, and seemed to be on the right track, and has been in many WWE main events over the past months.

Orton’s attitude has always been one of arrogant, and its about time the company did something about him with a long-term suspension without pay. No doubt that being sent home from Eupore is a big deal, big enough that he should be taken off the main event for Backlash next weekend in Atlanta.

Of course as more word breaks on this story, we’ll have it covered right here.


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