RAW 10/22

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Monday night’s RAW was complete with a build to Sunday’s Cyber Sunday PPV, and on a scary note we saw one of the more disturbing injuries we’ve seen in quite sometime on TV, and it came in of all places – the 2 out of 3 falls Women’s title match with Candice Michelle and Beth Phoenix.

If you missed it, I will saw try and catch the highlights on WWE.com or elsewhere, as the injury took place with Michelle down 1 fall to none, and she went to the top rope for a move, and appeared to have lost her balance and fell straight down. The finish was called for right away, and Phoenix pinned her, ending the match. The reports this morning were that Candice suffered a broken collarbone and possibly had a concussion. WWE says she’ll miss 4 to 6 weeks.

As far as the rest of the night went, the build was on for Sunday, and it was rather entertaining show from that standpoint. They are trying to sell basically a match with Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton, but yet keep Mr.Kenndy and Jeff Hardy fresh and on TV as if they have a shot to win the votes and be in the match. Not going to happen. It will be HBK and Orton, and it should be an outstanding match. As for Hardy and Kennedy, their time will come, just not here.

The main was a tag with Michaels and Hardy taking on Orton and Kennedy, and it was an okay match with a solid ending as HBK once again Superkicked Orton, setting up much of the same in their match on Sunday in DC at the PPV.

They also did a long brawl with Umaga and HHH, building them as the semi-main event as they will do battle in either a first blood, street fight, or cage. My first thought here is a street fight, as I think you can basically throw out the first blood, as they can do that in a street fight, and cage matches are about a dime a dozen. That’s why my vote is for the street fight.

RAW also saw the debut of Davey Boy Smith’s son Harry, who we’ve been waiting to see for sometime. It was kind of a lame debut, as there was no ring music or anything, just him in the ring telling people who he was, and then he and Carlito had a match in which Smith won with his Dad’s running power slam. Another thing, this kid does not exactly look in the greatest of shape. Maybe that’s coming now that he’s on the main circut, we’ll see.

Three other matches that were just fillers included: Brian Kendrick, Paul London and Mickie James beat Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade and Melina, Cody Rhodes beat Shelton Benjamin, and Ron Simmons beat Santino Marella via DQ. They are building up towards Hardcore Holly and Rhodes being a team, and likely next week we’ll see that twosome battle Benjamin and Charlie Hass. As for Marella, he continues to call out Steve Austin, so just give that time and it’s coming.

All in all, not a bad way to start the week, they will push more on ECW tonight, along with who C.M. Punk will take on Sunday, and much of the same for Friday Night’s SmackDown which will tape this evening.


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