RAW 5/28

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The Memorial Day edition of WWE RAW took place in Toronto, and before they did the taping of Saturday Night’s Main Event, which is to air Saturday at 11:30pm on NBC. As for RAW, it was a pretty weak show considering it was the “go home” show for this Sunday’s One Night Stand, which is to take place Sunday night in Jacksonville.

The main event of the night was a 3-on-2 match with Shane McMahon, Umaga and Khali vs Bobby Lashley and John Cena. The match was okay, with most of it being focused on Khali being able to handle Cena, and Lashley vs Umaga. The end came as Cena and Lashely were going up against Khali, and Cena was pulled to the outside by Umaga, and then Khali tree slammed Lashley and McMahon got the pin. Basically what you would expect for a heel win heading into a PPV that will have two faces win.

The rest of the show was blah at best, as they buried Rob Van Dam as he was “knocked out” vs Randy Orton. I think the new thing with Orton is to try and push him as the knockout king, as he now has beaten Shawn Michales and now RVD the same way. If all sits right, it also was the last match on RAW for RVD, and what a weak one it was. I can’t imagine what it would be like if they would have used RVD the right way over the past few years, but oh well. Now we’ll see if he jumps to TNA, or sits back and waits for WWE to call back with a better offer.

They opened with a women’s bikini Memorial Day battle royale, which was nothing more than interesting to see if one of the girls would pop out. Sure enough, in that department the winner was Brooke, as you could plainly see her stuffing her body part back in a few times. The match came down to Melina, Michelle McCool and Jillian Hall. McCool overcame the two-one-one odds and won, which I don’t really know if that will lead to a future match or what.

They did an 8-man tag with the Hardys and their new pals – Cade and Murdoch vs Kenny, Nitro and the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Solid match with the faces winning, which will set up a ladder match on Sunday at the PPV with Hardys vs the Worlds Greatest Tag Team in a ladder match, which should steal the show, as we know the history of Benjamin and the Hardys on ladder matches.

Carlito and Victoria beat Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson in what mostly was a filler, but had a cool looking ending as Carlito gave his former woman, Torrie, the back stabber as he now calls it. I think the entire Flair vs Carlito fued has been a huge dud, and they need to do some things to make it decent before it totally gets buried. They also did an angle with Chris Masters beating on Santino Marella after he was about to push around Maria as she was doing the Kiss Cam. We’ve seen Marella beat Masters already, so don’t know how much they can push this from there.

Overall, I thought the show was weak considering we have a PPV in a few days, and I think from what I head SNME is going to be pretty weak as well. Let’s hope that the PPV is not doomed, but honestly, other than the match stips, this card looks just like Judgement Day, which was the weakest PPV of the year.


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