Raw is lackluster

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Well it took long enough to get Raw rolling tonight. it was almost over an hour before anything close to entertaining started. Not a good way to keep momentum going after a solid pay per view. It started off with a Divas tag match under the theme of Santa’s Little Helpers. Other than providing eye candy, there was nothing else that came of this. That match was over quickly then we were treated to 20 minutes of Vince’s mental break down. Not that the Divas match had the place rocking, but this long vignette really sucked the life out of the show. When it finally came to a head we found out we would get Triple H against Regal and Coachmen. Safe to say this was a wash as Triple H would win.

We were also treated to a long verbal spat between Y2J and JBL. Of course Jericho was a bit ticked off at JBL for costing him the title against Orton at Armageddon, so he wanted a piece of JBL. But lo and behold JBL would not show up at the arena but finally was goaded into showing up on Raw to face Jericho in the future. While it was a good exchange between the men it still took away from the show considering we already had a long scene earlier with Vince and his mental state.

On the match front we saw Rhodes and Holly successfully defend their titles against former champs Kade and Murdoch. Not really impressed tonight with Cody Rhodes as his in ring presence is very flat. Just watch how he enters the ring with very robotic gestures. Not sure what he is trying to accomplish, but he better pay attention to Holly if he wants to stay in the spotlight.

Great to see Carlito get rewarded for his great ladder match last week with getting teamed up with Santino Marella. They had a big win over London and Kendrick tonight, but I’m not sure were this team can go. Carlito has shown he can be a good performer in the past and I feel there is nothing to be gained with teaming up with Marella. This can only hurt his chances of returning back to being a major player.

Rick Flair survives another night as he wins via count out against Umaga. This was another of those momentum killers due to the verbal side being to long. Flair had a long speech about this possibly being his last match and how he wanted to give his all if it was. This took us to a commercial before the match started. The match was good, especially Umaga breaking the barrier around the ring, but we really need to have less talking, more wrestling. We did find out later in the show who Flair will face next. It shall be Triple H on New Years Eve. Should be interesting to see how the deal with these 2 friends going at it in what could be Flair’s final match.

The main event featured HBK and Jeff Hardy against Orton and Kennedy. If this was a preview of the main event at the Rumble with Hardy against Orton for the title then it looks like we have a good one on hand. All 4 of these men put on a great show in this match, especially coming off a pay per view. Like I stated earlier, the matches tonight were good, it just felt like it took forever to reach them.


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