Ross Blogs About Flair, Wrestlers Leaving the Industry

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– Jim Ross has updated his blog at Here are some highlights:

* I have always found it amazing when fans cannot understand when someone who is seemingly entrenched in the wrestling business decides to explore other opportunities. Both the Rock and Stone Cold have been dissed because they no longer have the desire to “wrestle” but have both said that they would be interested in making selected appearances at the right place and the right time. For some fans that isn’t good enough. I admire “wrestlers” or “wrestling people” who want to explore other opportunities. Life cannot become one dimensional and one cannot allow their own lives to revolve around one, singular entity. That mindset isn’t healthy or smart. Unless one is in a very unique position, IE ownership, and that’s arguable, one should not allow the wrestling biz or any other biz to become their “life.” Those that due usually end up miserable and make those around them unhappy as well. I have great empathy for ex-wrestlers who have to or feel compelled to to hang on to whatever they can within the wrestling business under the guise of “loving the business” while it’s really all about not having any marketable skills to replace their income. This is just one of the reasons that I always encourage young wrestlers to be to get college degrees
so that they will have something to fall back on in case becoming a wrestling star doesn’t’ work out….and it usually doesn’t. If 2-3 out of 100 prospect become legit, main event level wrestling stars then a company should feel fortunate.

* No website has any definitive news on why Shane McMahon resigned from his family’s company, WWE, on Friday. Perhaps more news sites will elaborate on this matter come Monday as Friday is always the best day to drop big news as sometimes it gets somewhat lost on the weekend. Nonetheless no one knows why Shane seemingly abruptly decided to leave the family business and I don’t feel that any one will know the reason until he declares what his next venture will be. Shane has a great formal education not to mention years of “on the job” training since starting out on the ring crew as a teen during the summers. I know Shane has many interests and who’s to say that he simply wants to reassess where he is in his life and spend more time with his family which includes two sons? Until Shane himself makes an official statement as to what he is going to tee up next, then every thing any one can read, report or write about is pure speculation. Shane has excellent people skills and a unique skill set in a one of a kind genre that employs basic promotional and organization skills that should be transferable to many businesses.

* Speaking of “Naitch” he called me Saturday morning early to wish me good luck at the Red River Shootout at the Cotton Bowl which was a classy gesture. He’s excited to be going to Australia to wrestle but Flair vs. Hogan isn’t what I would book as it would be Flair and Hogan together against two, younger athletic guys. Ric going down under to make a big payday doesn’t bother me at all nor do I think it bothers HBK who a fan recently asked about in our Q&A section of this site.

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