Survivor Series Thoughts and Recap

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The latest WWE PPV offering is in the books, as Survivor Series wrapped up last night in Miami. For a complete review, listen to John and I on our Survivor Series postmatch report. We also break down the future title pictures for both the WWE title and the World Heavyweight Title as well as give our final grade for the event.

Here’s a quick rundown and commentary on the event:

C.M. Punk defeats the Miz and John Morrison to keep the ECW Title – A strong opener, and you can tell that what took place last week with the tounge lashing by JBL to Miz and Morrison after the SmackDown/ECW taping must have made an impact, as they worked hard in this opener. The Miz has taken his in-ring skills to the next level, and he will be wearing the gold soon despite taking the pinfall loss here.

Women’s Survivor Series 10-person match – They got this out of the way early, and for good reason. Mickie James is the star of this division along with Beth Phoenix, and after James got the fall on Melina, I would not be surprised to see them have a program with the two. Melina’s slip up on the splits before the match was pretty funny.

Cade and Murdoch defeat Rhodes and Holly to keep the tag titles – Another solid undercard match, and all four men worked hard. They did not do much in advancing the program with Cade and Murdoch splitting up, and they got the win with Murdoch’s finisher on Rhodes. We’ll see if they go back to the split up angle tonight on RAW.

Survivor Series 10-man match – The prematch with Kane and Hardy remembering all the bad stuff HHH did to them was pretty funny. Hardy to me was the star of this match, as he took a solid beating, yet stood tall to get the pin. I was stunned they didn’t just let HHH win on his own, but the fact the didn’t was a good thing. Overall another good match.

Hornswoggle vs Great Khali – Not really a match, and for a gimmick thing this was okay for what it was. Finley came out to save Hornswoggle before he was crushed with the head squeeze. I guess this means we’ll have Finley going face? If that’s the case, they need to turn someone on SmackDown, becuase Finley is still a very good heel.

Randy Orton beats Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Title – They did a lot of mat wrestling here with HBK trying to make Orton submit. Crowd really was not into all the holds and submission moves, but overall it made for an interesting match. Orton got the clean pin with the RKO, which I think was important here. If he is going to be taken seriously as the champ, he needed a clean win, and despite getting laid out with the superkick at the end, this was important for him to go over.

Batista pins the Undertaker to keep the World Heavyweight Title – As everyone knew, Edge made his return during this match, pretending to be a cameraman and then attacking Taker and laying him out with a TV camera, chair shot, and then using Batista to cover him. This was yet another solid back and forth as both men kicked out of each other’s finishing moves, which came over well on TV. Overall a good match and a good card that should carry some momentum for tonight.


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