Updated Lineup for WrestleMania XXIV

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Here is the updated Wrestlemania lineup:

– World Champion Edge vs. The Undertaker.
– WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena.
– The winner of a 24-man Battle Royale vs. ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero.
– Money In The Bank: Ken Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Carlito vs. MVP vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison.
– Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels. If Ric Flair loses, he must retire.
– Belfast Brawl: Fit Finlay vs. JBL.
– Playboy Bunnymania Lumberjack Match: Maria & Ashley vs. Beth Phoenix & Melina. Snoop Dogg will be the “Master Of Ceremonies” for the match and Kim Kardashian will be the “guest hostess”.
– Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather.
– Batista vs. Umaga.

At 6:30pm on WWE.com, a 24-Man Battle Royale will take place to determine who will get an ECW Title match on the PPV. Here are the participants:
Brian Kendrick
Chuck Palumbo
Cody Rhodes
Elijah Burke
Hacksaw Duggan
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
Jimmy Wang Yang
Kofi Kingston
Lance Cade
Mark Henry
Matt Striker
Shannon Moore
The Great Khali
The Miz
Tommy Dreamer
Trevor Murdoch
Val Venis



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